Site Investigation Support

Robust data that is both valid & usable.

Paradigm provides quality analytical services to consultants and industrial site managers in support of site assessments, remedial investigations, and implementation of remedial measures. We employ the latest in chromatographic and spectrometric procedures to assess contaminated soils, soil vapors, and ground waters. Analyses include Volatile Organics, Semi-Volatile Organics, Pesticides, PCBs, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, and more.

Environmental samples, particularly those contaminated with hazardous wastes, frequently involve difficult matrices and complex interferences, requiring additional cleanup procedures and repeated analysis to generate useful data. At Paradigm, we are committed to providing data of the highest quality. We do whatever it takes, usually at no additional cost, to provide data that is both valid and usable.

Industrial Footprint & Site Investigation

One of the legacies of an industrial economy is widespread contamination of properties, including manufacturing facilities, dry cleaners, gas stations, railroad yards, truck depots, etc. Much of this contamination occurred many years ago, and in many cases, the contaminants have spread to adjacent properties. As a result, site investigations have become standard practice prior to buying and selling commercial properties.

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