Paradigm Environmental is proud to have been a partner employer in the City’s Rochester Environmental Job (REJob) Training Program. This program made it possible for it’s 29 participants, all city residents who were previously unemployed or underemployed, to receive certified training in the environmental industry and be placed into relevant full time employment. This not only provides the participants with an opportunity in a successful career going forward, but also aligns with Paradigm’s commitment to making our community a better place to live and work. We are excited to participate again in 2018!

About the REJob Training Program

The REJob Training Program provides participants with training to earn certification to work in the in-demand fields of asbestos abatement, hazardous waste remediation and environmental cleanup. The program also placed students in full-time employment.

The content of the training was designed based on substantial input from local environmental employers, the City’s Environmental Workforce Advisory Council, and other communities that have successful environmental job training programs. The eight-week training program was available to dislocated workers, severely underemployed individuals and unemployed individuals including low-income and minority residents, veterans and those with little or no advanced education. For more information on the program, see the City of Rochester’s REJob information page and news release.