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Order kits from suppliers ( Part #M3015) or contact Paradigm for containers and sampling apparatus ($15/kit). For EACH location, you will be given:

3 tared 40 ml VOA vials (two empty with stir bars for low level and one empty amber vial without stir bar for high level analysis (if needed)

1 empty VOA vial (for moisture determination, labeled “evaporative loss”)

1 disposable soil coring tool, for nominal 5 gm sample collection

For each sampling location, fill the coring tool with sample and push one core into each 40ml VOA vial (for a total of four per sample location). Clean and close each vial securely with Teflon lined cap.

(NOTE: if an MS/MSD is needed, use one additional kit for that location).

All VOA vials have been coded, pre-labeled and PRE-WEIGHED. DO NOT ADD A LABEL or any tape, or we will not be able to determine the sample weight.

Dispose of the coring tool. Do not re-use for any other locations.

Bring the samples on ice to the lab ASAP, but NOT TO EXCEED 48 Hours from time of sampling, otherwise holding times will be violated. The lab will freeze the samples upon log-in, and has up to a total of 14 days from sampling to analysis.


Some clients may wish to use 5 gram ENCORE samplers that they have purchased directly. We still need to receive them as soon as possible after sampling (maximum of 48 hours), and must transfer them to a 5035 container set upon arrival. Three Encores and a 4 ounce widemouth (or full VOA vial) must be delivered per location. (Five Encores are required if MS/MSD is needed).


If samples are received in a 4 ounce (or other non-5035 vial container), we will accept them, noted as non compliant for container type. The sample will have a holding time of 14 days from sampling. As per DOH and DEC guidance memos, ALL results (including non-detects) below 200ug/kg will be noted on our report as potentially exhibiting low bias. All laboratories are bound by these same reporting rules.


5035A is a complex sampling & preparatory procedure. There are several other variations not noted here. Please call your Paradigm Customer Service representative to discuss your particular situation if you have questions.(585-647-2530)

For quality control reasons, any unused kits can not be returned for credit. Kits will be charged out at time of container pick up.