Abatement Wipe Sampling & Analysis

Added Peace of Mind

At Paradigm we offer laboratory analysis of paint chips, dust wipes, soils, and drinking waters. This testing is often used to supplement the information gathered during an XRF survey. Paint chips can be used as an alternative to XRF, and are often used to verify XRF readings. Wipe samples are used to assess lead-contaminated dust prior to and following renovation activities. Analysis of soils and water supply provide information on additional sources of lead exposure. In each case samples are carefully analyzed using state-of-the-art ICP technology and EPA specified methods, yielding data of the highest quality. As with all of our analytical services, results can be obtained in as little as 24 hours.

Paint chips, wipes, soil & water testing

 ICP technology & EPA compliant

On-site sampling, in-house lab analysis 

 Affordable, 24 hr results

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