City of Rochester

CityOfRochBackground:       The City of Rochester’s Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) manages environmental compliance for municipal facilities, performs site investigations & cleanups associated with property acquisitions, maintains & operates remediation systems, and manages the redevelopment of abandoned or under-utilized commercial and industrial properties. 

Challenge:          Provide consistent, reliable analytical services to DEQ personnel to facilitate effective management of the City’s environmental programs.

Services Provided:

  • Analysis of Soils, Groundwaters, & Treatment System Effluents
  • Waste Characterizations
  • Standard 5 Business Day Turnaround
  • Accelerated Turnaround on Demand
  • Technical & Logistical Support

Value Added:    For nearly 20 years Paradigm has successfully served the City of Rochester’s Department of Environmental Quality. Our convenient, centralized location has facilitated the transfer of samples and supplies, and enhanced communication; and our excellent turnaround, reliability, and commitment to quality have positioned us as a preferred source of analytical services with the environmental consultants and contractors working on City owned properties.