Our Promise

Dear Friends,

Paradigm was founded on the principles of quality work with an exceptional level of service.

These are the values we continue to live by today. Exceptional service might take the form of an accelerated turnaround, a customized procedure, or an immediate response to an on-site emergency. Our reliability in responding to your needs allows you to focus on your other priorities with confidence.

We also know that service does not end with quick response. The complex regulatory environment we operate in demands a partnership approach. We work with you to develop and execute the most cost effective solution to your project requirements. We can help you evaluate methods and consider alternative approaches that guarantee you the best value for your dollar.

Finally, we are accessible. We are a small business staffed with some of the most experienced people in the industry, and we are here to help. When you have a unique situation, call us. Based on an understanding of you objectives, we can often provide valuable details of lab or field activities that give you the insight you need to move forward with confidence.

At Paradigm, we take pride in what we do, and we believe no job is complete until you are satisfied with our work. We strive to deliver our promise of quality and service on every job, large or small. We want to be your first choice, every time.


Bruce Hoogesteger –  President