Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analysis

Petroleum and related products have been refined, stored, and shipped in huge quantities for over one hundred years. For much of that time regulations were either lax or non-existent, and spills and leaks were common. It is only during the last 20 years that we have begun to address the large backlog of petroleum contaminated sites. In New York State we have a well-developed Spill Response Program maintained by the NYSDEC. The DEC also provides technical guidance concerning remediation of petroleum spill sites, including excavation of contaminated soils.

  • PHC site cleanup analytical support
  • PHC analysis & data interpretation
  • Expert chemists, quality data
  • Accurate & affordable

Gain valuable insight into product ID & contaminant sources.

Paradigm routinely provides analytical support to consultants and contractors involved in the cleanup of petroleum sites. Our analytical services include volatiles, base/neutrals, total petroleum hydrocarbons, ignitability, lead and more. Petroleum hydrocarbon analyses are performed via GC/MS, eliminating the false positives associated with GC only methods. Additionally, our expert chemists can assist you with data interpretation, allowing you to gain valuable insight into product identification and contaminant sources.

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