Field Sampling

Shield your site investigation or monitoring program from error.

Field sampling can be one of the largest single sources of error in any site investigation or monitoring program. Obtaining representative samples requires attention to detail and a commitment to quality, and Paradigm provides both.

  • Detailed field sampling, broad sample types
  • Established federal & state procedures
  • Expert-level technicians
  • Affordable, high-quality samples

Paradigm offers field sampling services covering a wide variety of sample types, including industrial wastewaters, solid & hazardous wastes, soils, soil vapors, ground waters, and ambient airs. Samples of the highest integrity are obtained using established procedures derived from federal and state guidance. Sampling activities are carefully documented for each sample taken, and strict custody procedures followed. In addition, our field sampling technicians are trained to recognize site conditions with the potential to adversely affect sample quality, and to advise our clients immediately.

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