Celebrating 25 years: A letter from Paradigm’s CEO

When Paradigm was founded 25 years ago, I did not expect the journey it would take me on. I was the only employee in a 500 square-foot office on Lyell Ave in 1988. I had zero experience running a business but a partner who believed in me.  Our first major client Xerox gave us an opportunity to work on a project in a research building. The successful outcome of that project provided Paradigm the opportunity to build its resume and acquire work from other major corporations and businesses in the Greater Rochester Community.   Twenty-five years later, Paradigm has become something I could only imagine and dream about back in 1988.  We currently occupy and own three buildings in the City of Rochester totaling over 20,000 square feet of space. All of this wouldn’t be possible without great partners, loyal employees, and supportive clients.

I wanted Paradigm’s culture to feel like a second home for employees and a place they wanted to come to work every day. Paradigm currently has five employees that have been with the company over 20 years and six employees over 10 years. These long term employees are an example of the culture we accomplished in making Paradigm a place people want to come to work every day. Without the approximate 1,000 unique clients none of this would be possible.

I want to thank, each and every person, from the bottom of my heart that has helped turn Paradigm into what it is today. I look forward to a wonderful future.


James A. Magee, Jr.

January saw a new phase of LIMS implantation

After much testing and verification, all sample reporting is now being generated from within the Sample Master LIMS database. This not only has streamlined the reported process, but it has also unified the format and style for all sample reports. This has brought a much cleaner and easier to read report for all clients. Work is currently underway in the designing and testing of QC reports.

Paradigm Launches Online Engagement Initiative

Ramping up our social media presence means delivering on our promise of excellence in customer service. We encourage you to engage with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and check out our new blog “Experts Corner”. This year marks our 25th year of service – that’s over two decades of experience, industry knowledge and expertise to share! We’ll keep you informed with industry news, relevant discussion topics, helpful resources and valuable tips. On or offline, we are always exploring new ways to be more accessible and strengthen our relationship with you. So join the community – let’s stay connected!  

About Paradigm Env

At Paradigm, we take pride in what we do, and we believe no job is complete until you are satisfied with our work. We strive to deliver our promise of quality and service on every job, large or small. We want to be your first choice, every time.

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