Asbestos Services

Paradigm provides expert analysis of suspected asbestos-containing materials, abatement air monitoring samples, personal air monitoring samples, and environmental samples. All analyses are performed using NIOSH / ELAP/ NVLAP-approved methodologies. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Polarized Light Microscopy for the analysis of Friable, Non-Friable
  • Organically Bound materials
  • Phase Contrast Microscopy for the analysis of air samples.
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) capabilities.

Our NVLAP-accredited asbestos laboratory (NVLAP Lab Code #200530-0) is staffed 24 hours a day on weekdays and is available on an a request basis weekends and holidays. Combined with our in-house TEM services, this availability means you can rely on Paradigm during emergency situations. Clearance and other priority samples receive immediate attention, assuring you can respond with accurate information.

Questions about Asbestos? Ask our experts.